3 Pandas Games

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3 Pandas – are three cheerful and fun bear with black and white colors. Their story began quite suddenly, when greedy pirates kidnapped them in their living rooms. This started with their hilarious, but dangerous adventures.

Three pandas had to look for ways to escape from the ship of pirates. Then they ran away from the natives, and they were carried away by the current. Then they were in the middle of the jungle where there was absolutely alien forest with many dangers and traps. Getting there, the pandas were in Brazil and then went on a tour to Japan. Wherever they fell, there were constant obstacles and different enemies. Overcoming many difficulties, pandas have become fearless and funny characters, no scare! They had to go, even in a fantasy world where there are absolutely unrealistic, but there are pandas were able to understand.

Playing the game “3 Pandas”, you will be able to relive the adventures of the miracle of the bears themselves. What you will help them throughout their travels. Using intuition and clues within the game you can solve logic puzzles in each level of the game. Passing one level, you move on to the second, and several levels made up the story of the game.

Remember about the unique abilities of each of the three pandas: small, round and large. It is worth noting that each of them have their names. Each of the pandas will sometimes be able to perform a task that is not under the power of her friends. Together, Panda will always be able to overcome any obstacles, they need only a little help. First choose a game and start playing now! Adventure 3 pandas begin!


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