Alienocalypse Games

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You – aliens, invaders of the Earth. Your goal – to destroy all the cities. But be careful! The Terrans will be protected.

After learning about the disgusting attitude of humanity to their planet, the inhabitants of a distant galaxy decide to rectify the situation and destroy civilization. Well, or at least military targets, from which comes most of the ills. Maybe it will make people think about simple things, albeit under the pressure of fear. But it turned out to be not so easy! Military bases are too heavily fortified, the aliens miscalculated the number of troops sent. To wait for reinforcements pointless, it will take several years. You need to properly dispose of resources and outsmarting the military, the only trump card which is the size of the army!

You will find twenty levels, each of which is necessary to destroy all the ground troops and military installations. The aliens resemble the famous Zerg from Starcraft. The whole army is completely biological. Given a choice of ten types of troops, however, will initially be open only one. New units open to evolution points awarded for successfully passed a levels. Also for these points, you can improve the available types of troops by four characteristics. Before each level You can buy troops available on the glasses DNA. Pay attention to the purchase of fighters, as well as to their landing. Mistakes can not be tolerated!

In the store you buy new types of units and then reinforce them. There are several varieties of aliens: warriors-destroyers, flying, support and traps. You can buy them for the evolutionary points, which you earn by destroying earthlings.

Management Alienocalypse Games:

Move the base around in space – the keyboard arrows.
The choice of units resettable – Q and E.
Reset units – spacebar / click on the icon.


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