Battle of Britain Games

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During the second world war, Germany very quickly moved to the center of Europe, and showed excellent pace of conquering the surrounding lands. That’s just the UK, this focus did not work. And the main reason for discrepancies was the sea.

Tens and hundreds of kilometers of water separating German soldiers and equipment from the coveted island. Of course, the tanks through this barrier to transport, and infantry all deliver problematic. So one of the few good choices attack turned out to be a dogfight. Armada fighters rushed towards the next death and destruction, but here they stepped on a rake.

Of course, to surrender without a fight, the British were not going to, and even more than that – they produced excellent pilots to join in a fierce air battle. The battle of Britain will be one of the greatest and most difficult battles of that era. Join the defense and fly your plane up to the sky, to victory. For starters, you will be trained together with the already strong team.

Follow all instructions as clearly as possible, but do not forget that some orders can be ignored in the name of extermination of enemies. Return to base a hero, and I don’t want to die away from his native land.


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