Boom Balloon Games

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Shoot down balloons, earn prize points and bonuses!

Control is mouse.

The description of the gameplay:

On the playing field located multicolored balls. Your task is to shoot down as many balloons as possible in 60 seconds. You can shoot directly in the balls and ricochet off the walls. Balls, hit by a cut off higher balls, are valued higher than hit by a projectile.

In the game you can earn and use bonuses.

Every week there is a tournament where you can participate and win.

In the course of the game consumes energy. You can fill it by buying over the voices, or just wait for it to replenish automatically.

A fascinating colorful game that can be played both adults and children. A scattering of colorful balloons, the collapse of non-ferrous clusters of identical balls, pleasing to the eye and uplifting.


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