Granny Strikes Back Games

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Aliens come in different varieties and colors. Some of them fly great iron ships, while others prefer high-tech cookies. About looked like a flying saucer crashed near the house of an old woman. The aliens got into this accident and now are in great danger. They need to overhaul, and you need to get the right fuel.

It is perfect homemade jam. But instead of polite requests and persuasion with people, guests from outer space decided to apply brute force. Creating snow monsters, they send them into battle to get a valuable resource at any cost. Only here I do not know the aliens, what they were aiming for a house is not a simple old woman, a former special forces agent.

Granny strikes back, pouring snowmen with machine gun fire. She should be allowed to get close and these strange monsters, whatever they’re up to. To produce bullets, collect quickly growing in the courtyard of sunflowers. Apparently, they poured the magic solution, if the flowers manage to break through the frosty snow in the winter. Sometimes enemies drop powerups, and almost always leave the snowmen on its own gold coins. You and more profit will come.


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