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Indestruc2Tank online game was released with a completely new idea, now you don’t need to Dodge missiles and live ammunition, but rather to go Primo for them to fly as high as possible and run into flying or passing objects. This is the goal and main task, in which you need to gain experience.

Initially, the game Indestruc2Tank is not so much the objects and purposes for destruction, but earning a little money, you can buy the enemy in greater numbers. And never fear, but rather to rejoice, because the more, the better for you, but you need the experience and steady growth.

Remember to get in the air definitely run into a bomb, you won’t suffer from this, and there the sky will be able to Bob about anything that moves. Moreover, the greater the number of objects at one time you hit, the more points and experience you earn. You need to be afraid of just one when it runs out of fuel, if you do not have time to move to a new level and the fuel runs out, then the game will have to start from the beginning.

For your deeds in this interesting case, you will be periodically awarding medals, which will unlock additional secrets: a minimum of 6 medals, a maximum of 18.

Management Indestruc2Tank – [arrows] or [A] and [D], and the car responds to the movement even in the air.

More explosions and destruction, enjoy full freedom in this wonderful and exciting game Indestruc2Tank.


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