Journey of the Mouse Games

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Sometimes it seems that everything is against you and all the problems at once fell on his head. Then play the game “Journey of the Mouse” and feel really serious problem.

The aim of the game is to collect all the pieces of cheese, fruit and gifts, and the main goal is a huge piece of cheese. The mouse will have to run on the labyrinth, in which a lot of dangers and traps. To the walls of the maze is also better not to touch, otherwise the mouse gets the discharge current, after which the level will take place again. The points you can buy more options in a special shop. Collecting the gifts, you can open the bonus levels where you can collect extra points. The design of the game is designed specifically so that the game was interesting, but at the same time, the General background does not distract from the mouse and its objectives. Music very organically with the gameplay and helps to focus on the game. By the way, in the game you can choose the gender of your mouse, however the only difference is in a wonderful red bow, but it is a nice change.


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