Mr. Runner 2 Games

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Description online game “Mr. Runner 2”. In this game you have to help… nobody knows what it is? Anyway, looks like a black rabbit, very surprised of what is happening, judging by the expression on his face. So, you have to help the rabbit to overcome a lot of levels, running through them. Just like that, clear the stump, to run will not work: all sorts of clever obstacles prevent us to do it. The wall is that you can crash and break only when driving at high speed, then suddenly pick up the pace special platforms and we are abruptly thrown into the spikes. In total the game has 3 worlds, each with more than 15 levels, so you to do anything. And, by the way, this game is suspiciously similar to Super Meat Boy style. But SMB also started his “career” first as a flash drive… So who knows what will happen to et the game.


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