Mushroom Madness 3 Games

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Game for boys “Mushroom Madness 3“. This exciting game can be recommended both for boys and girls. Here You have to play for the chief forestry officer, who must protect the mushroom planting. In the woods unexpectedly, greatly increased the number of animals and the mushrooms have started to run out, but if all the mushrooms are eaten, the forest dwellers can die all. Therefore, it was decided to plant mushrooms in the forest, in order to increase their numbers, but the hungry animals rush to Your beds and trying to pull the mushrooms to his mink.

And You have been set a new task is to protect the mushrooms from hordes of hungry beasts, and You have to protect them by any means, including the use of weapons of mass destruction. Thus You will kill two birds with one stone, increase the amount of mushrooms, and reduce the number of animals and maybe even, all slaughtered, but the main thing is the mushrooms. The game has 100 levels, lots of different kinds of weapons, a large number of upgrades, bonuses, prizes, etc. the Game is very exciting and fun. Convenient control, beautiful graphics, what more do you need for a pleasant pastime.


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