Ragdoll Cannon 3 Games

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All you need to do is to deliver one of the dolls with the cannon to a box labeled “Here“. To do this, you can shoot an unlimited number of times, adjusting the capacity and power of each volley. Try to observe the location and figure out a way in which you will be able to quickly perform the task. The only way you will be able to put in his piggy Bank extra points.

Keep in mind that you can use bombs, structures, mechanisms and blocks, located in the middle of the game locations, for their own purposes. Sometimes you will be pretty hard to send the doll to the destination, so try moving the coveted box with the words closer to the gun or just a more comfortable position.

Management Ragdoll Cannon 3:
1) to aim, move the mouse on the game area.
2) To fire the gun, press the left button “rodent” after aiming.
3) exit to main menu or restart the current location click the button with an appropriate inscription in the bottom of the screen.


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