Simple Motions 2 Games

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A fun game for boys and girls Simple motions 2 or looks pretty simple, but solving puzzles will tighten you for a long time.

Simple but stylish graphics, interesting logic puzzles and relaxing music will allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle.

The protagonist of the game – round one-eyed creature, which you must deliver to the red, collecting all red stars.

To help in these adventures you will be devices with different purposes and effects, which can be arranged in the path of the hero.

Elements raised in the air for the time being increase in size, to be able to reach the stars, give the rotation to get to higher ground, drowned in water to reach the bottom, the softness will help you to get into hard to reach places, the momentum will accelerate and cast where necessary.

In some levels you can use the beings-friends to solve the puzzle and reach the finish line.

Sometimes you will be able to collect the invisible stars, which gives extra points.

Tips will help you cope with any level, and if you have any difficulty, in the game there is a link to the passage.

Funny landscapes succeed each other, the clouds are floating in the painted forest, far away there are mountains, the day turns into night and a Crescent moon comes up.

A big plus is the presence of the Russian and German languages, in addition to the already standard English.
Flash game Simple motions 2 is recommended to everyone who wants to relax or just to escape from problems and worries.


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