The Life Ark Games

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In this quest you have to develop a life on a new planet and build an inter-dimensional ark. Solve puzzles, clicking on objects in the correct sequence and use our tips.
1. Move the clouds into position over the stone (pull the cord once to start moving, and a second time to stop).
2. Stone-solve the puzzle – choose the bottom of the pattern, which should stand in place of the question mark. Stone opens the outlet.
3. Click on the cloud, it falls out of the socket and the cloud is charged. Turning off when charged.
4. Translate the stone on the rock. The blow made the fire, and instead of stone… kettle.
5. Turn the lock underneath the kettle. Push the middle button and it somehow opens itself.
6. Placed in the cave opened fire.
7. Put a cloud over the rising steam from the spout. Heavy cloud floating over the lake. Click on the lake, the water is poured into it, flowing out from the coast, everything is green.
8. On one of the previously dead trees ripen an Apple. Creature from the cave takes it down (down it does not drop, can not rise). He grows an antenna and for them flies a flying saucer, which throws something on the left hill.
9. New man cave should dig a ditch from the Creek to sprout at home. Man climbs to sprout and take what was thrown off the plate.
10. Throw it into the fire.
11. The plate sign on the hill on the left. Grown ship, again a puzzle.
12. And that’s all. The hatch leaves the booth, her rainbow.
The End.


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