Tofu Ninja Games

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Bored a piece of tofu found a letter with no address. Dressed in a ninja suit, he will go in search of an unknown destination.

The protagonist of the game – piece of the famous soy tofu. He lives in a cozy house, located in a beautiful Sunny meadow. Recently, it began to torment thirst for adventure, but no events in the district never occurred. One fine morning the hero found a gone with the wind letter. It did not specify the address of the recipient or sender name, but was a marker that says “Important!”. The hero immediately decided to go in search of the recipient, because they necessarily result in a long-awaited adventure! Dusty wearing a ninja suit, a piece of tofu began their long and dangerous journey.


Moving platforms – left and right arrows / buttons A and D.

Jumping – up arrow button / W.

High jump – double tap the up arrow or the W button

Shot button – Z.


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