Zombotron Games

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Action flash games for boys Zombotron begins with new bio-robot falls to the planet Zombotron, right at the head of his predecessor.

And now a new hero have to escape from a planet inhabited by zombies and you have a fun sequel to Zombotron.
Familiar terrain, physics is already familiar from the previous part of the game, driving action and zombies, ready to fight even among themselves.

In comparison with the first part added a new trap, you can now fall down into the millstones or stuck in them in the jump.

Among the enemies were dangerous and poisonous zombies, spiders, small parasites and mad robots.
You have to be very careful – the game has a lot of traps full of zombies that are ready to catch the hero off guard.

Of the weapons in the game added a knife-a machete, like Rambo, which is very useful if you run out of ammo.
There is the legendary desert eagle pistol, familiar to each player in Counter Strike, a powerful shotgun, a machine gun and heavy artillery.

Also in the second part of the shooter Zombotron you can ride on zombie mobile with a gun.
If you can find a special belt, you can carry more than one weapon.

Also there is a nice improvement, in the form of modules that increase the accuracy.


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